description of the garden


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Description of the garden:

This garden, with a surface of 5000 sq.m, surrounds a farmhouse and is situated on the countryside. The natural frame and the beautiful views were of great influence on the design of the garden, made by the owners themselves, who are both garden-achitects. The clearly designed base-structure and the conscientious division of space, was influenced by the long and dominating lines of the building and the estate. Parallel lines and perpendicular axes were developed. Overgrown walls, wattled hedges and beech-hedges make different ‘outside rooms', which results in an abundant variety of styles and impressions when one walks around the garden. Every window of the house lets you see the garden in a different way. In each of the countless gardenrooms, one feels a quantity of atmospheres. We enter through the japanese-like garden in front of the house, where organic forms of Buxus, Taxus and Fagus silently compete with rugged french stones, resulting in a oasis of calm. On the side of the driveway, the springtime-flowers under the trees leave you light hearted. Further on, the ‘Blue-Violet-Room', pleasantly surrounded by great, firm hedges, strikes you with its colour and smell. Moving along, you'll be swept away by an authentic countryside feel, when you walk into the orchard, where the sheep gently graze. And than there is the kitchen-garden, warmly surrounded by big Ligustrum-hedges as a shelter for the lurid wind of the open fields. The sense of being at home, taking a rest on one of the many lovely retreats around the house, moving with the sun and enjoying the beautiful views, with the cows grazing on the surrounding meadows.  At last, the rustic' water-garden' gives you the opportunity to study nature in and around the pond. Or as Marc Demesmaeker puts it in his book ‘Dreamgardens 2': ‘It is a natural architectural garden with a well considered nonchalance, where it is nice to abide.'

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